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Our courses for adults are suitable for all the people older than 16 years old who want to learn a new language, improve their knowledge or gain fluency in any language. We offer small groups, one-to-one or telephone classes and preparation for official exams. Classes for adults are in the morning or in the evening and the schedule and levels are flexible and are studied to suit perfectly to your needs.

We offer courses of:Big Ben

• Spanish for foreigners
• English
• Chinese
• German
• French
• Italian
• Norwegian
• …

We also have intensive courses and summer camps, exam preparation, translation service and all you may need to learn a language. If you can’t find what you need, please, contact us!


In Talk with Me you will acquire a strong basis or deepen your knoledge on all the aspects of the language, such as pronountiation, vocabulary and grammar, trough the practice of the four foundamentals of a language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our method guarantees a quick and effective progress and an easy and funny way to learn, always taking into account your level and your needs.

Our teachers

Our staff is formed by native and graduated teachers with a strong passion for teaching and a demonstrable experience, to guarantee professionalism, enjoyment and personalized learning. Talk with Me employees can give you advices and help you during the whole learning process and can dissipate your doubt about the language or the culture.

Group lessons

All our lessons are given from Monday to Saturday and in the Morning or Evening in small Group classesgroups (between 4 and 10 people) depending on the level of each student. Each student must take a level test to see his/her competence and to place him/her in a group suitable to his/her needs. We guarantee a constant monitoring and a quick and effective progress. If you need to learn a language from the beginning or you want to improve your fluency or communication abilities or overcome the fear of public speaking, this is the course for you.
You can chose between 3 hours or 4,5 hours per week, or 2 hours on Saturday morning.

Intensive or semi-intensive courses

Our intensive courses are designed to let the student learn or improve his/her level in a quick and practical way, without leaving apart the other aspects of the language: grammar and vocabulary, writing, reading, speaking and listening. If you need to learn a language quickly to have a better curriculum, to go to live to a foreign country or for your job, this is the course for you. You can chose between 10 or 5 hours per week.

One-to-one classes

One-to-one classes are designed on the student’s needs, his/her level and schedule or the kind of knoledge he/she needs. We guarantee the best personalized learning and preparation.
If you need a personal following of your learning process, to be trained in a specific field of the language (technical, commercial, etc.) or you don’t have a fixed schedule, we suggest this kind of courses.

Exam preparation

If you need to get an official certification of your level or a better curriculum or you need a strong motivation to study a language, we offer you the possibility of preparing for all kind of official exams in Spanish, English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, etc.
The courses are focused on the skills required from each type of exam (reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar), with specific activities and mock ups.

Trinity College London official exam centre number 55661

Trinity College LondonAll our students have the possibility of taking the Trinity College London’s exams carried out by an Oxford University’s teacher in our establishment. The centre will notice the students about inscription fees and dates of the exams.