Legal conditions


  1. All our students (or parents or legal tutors for minors) must:
    • fill in the inscription form,
    • read, accept and sign the Academy’s legal conditions,
    • require and keep the payment receipt

    Prices and payment

  3. The inscription is free, however, all the students must pay a deposit. This amount will be deducted from the last payment of the school year, in June. If a student leaves the Academy before the end of the course, the deposit will NOT be returned.
  4. Each course has a unit price that will be paid during the first 6 days of the corresponding month. If the amount is not paid before this term, a 10% will be charged. If the student doesn’t pay before the 15 of the month will be withdrawed from the course.
  5. We will NOT return any amount of money, under no circumstances. A sum corresponding to the number of not taken classes will be returned only in case of proven hillness or death.
  6. The management reserves the right to require the payment receipt anytime during the course.
  7. In case of complaint, is necessary to show the payment receipt.

    Attendance and withdrawal

  9. Place reservation is kept only in case of continuous attendance.
  10. If a student wants to withdraw from the course, must inform the management (NOT the teacher) 5 days before the payment day of the next month, either by phone (910813852) or by email ( If the student doesn’t inform the management on time, must pay the amount of the whole month.
  11. The attendance is over the student’s responsibility. No deduction will be applied in case of absence.
  12. We beg you to inform the management about any absence, so the teacher can be notified.
    Class recovery

  14. Classes will be recovered only in case of teacher’s absence. The Academy is not obliged to recover in case of student’s absence.
  15. Academy’s closing days and bank holidays are not recoverable.
  16. One-to-one classes will be recovered only if the student informs the Academy of his/her absence in advance (minimum 24h before the beginning of the lesson).
    Changes in classes schedule, holidays, bank holidays, suppression of groups

  18. The management reserves the right to suppress groups of three or less students.
  19. The management also reserves the right to change group classes schedule according to its needs.
  20. All the communications about the organization of the courses must be directed to the management. If the student wants to change his/her class hours or group, he/she must inform the management, NOT the teacher.
  21. The Academy will communicate in advance the closing days or bank holidays to the students.

The management