Study in Madrid


Madrid is the capital city of Spain and the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula, with its hot summers and cold winters. It’s the ideal city to move across the length and breadth of Spain, there’s no site or city at more than 750 km from Madrid, this, together with the large and efficient transportation network, made it simple to move fast to any point.
It’s a city of great and impressive monumental character, the highlights include “The Austria’s Madrid”, The Latina’s quarter, The Plaza Mayor and The Puerta del Sol, The Prado Museum, the second most important art gallery in the world, The Reina Sofia Museum, The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, The Archeologic Museum and many other internationally relevant museums.
Madrid surprises anyone who visit it for its cultural character and because it’s an exceptionally full of life capital city. Its sparkling night life, with a multitude of bars, pubs, café, theatres and discos opened until late in the morning, made it famous worldwide. “From Madrid to the sky” or “Madrid never sleeps” it’s said.