Prueba de nivel

La prueba de nivel consta de 45 preguntas de gramática (Use of English) y una de escritura (Writing). Marca la respuesta que consideras correcta. Puedes saltar las preguntas que no entiendes o no sabes contestar. Una vez terminada la prueba, pulsa el boton "Submit" y nos pondremos en contacto contigo para concertar una cita para la prueba oral (Speaking) y los resultatos. La prueba tiene una duración aproximada de media hora.

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1) In Britain the banks usually ________ at 9:30 am.
2) The shops ________ not opened today.
3) She is ________ an apple.
4) Sarah ________ a car. She goes everywhere by bicicle.
5) ________ Sue and Bill at the party?
6) Last Tuesday Lisa ________ from London to Madrid.
7) Tina is a teacher. She ________ mathematics to young children.
8) Where ________ your parents live?
9) The book is ________ the table.
10) My brother wants ________ an actor.
11) ________ you started your new job yet?
12) Have you ever ________ golf?
13) Bill is on holiday at the moment. He’s ________ to Spain.
14) My key ________ stolen.
15) Today John ________ polite to his collegues.
16) Joseph has been working for the same company ________ 20 years.
17) The exercise is ________ to do.
18) Carla has been ________ in dancing since she was a little girl.
19) The life guard saved the child ________ drowning.
20) As Jack left his membership card at home, he wasn’t allowed ________ into the sports club.
21) Max is ________ smaller than Sam.
22) I didn’t like the film, I thought it was very ________.
23) - I hear that Jason is planning to buy a car. - I know. By next month, he ________ enough for a used one.
24) We are waiting for his first novel ________ in Spain.
25) You ________ run much faster when you were young.
26) This excercise is __________ than the previous.
27) When he took his gloves off, I noticed that ________ one had his name written inside.
28) There’s ________ in the town.
29) By the time you receive this letter, I ________ my final exams.
30) When she was told her mom was in the hospital, she broke ________.
31) I don’t know where John is. He________ have missed the bus.
32) John ________ always be late.
33) She ________ go to school yesterday.
34) Let's go watch the game, ___________ we?
35) Don’t worry, everything is ________ control.
36) The new law states that people ________ drive after drinking alcohol.
37) Only with the greatest of luck ________ to escape from the rising flood waters.
38) Sheila’s gone to ________ having a new phone installed.
39) The hotel was terrible, but the wonderful beach ________ our disappointment.
40) Have you sent thank-you notes to the relatives from ________ you received gifts?
41) After a long day at work most people feel ________ .
42) Jack has decided to ________ the time he spends watching television.
43) The map is one of the best tools a man has ________ he goes to a new place.
44) I couldn’t pronounce the speech yesterday because I ________ enough time to prepare it.
45) You don’t have to decide now, you can ________.

Write a short paragraph (about 150 words) about your experience studying and using English.
47) Text One

During all this time I never stopped thinking about escape. When I traveled across to the other side of the island, I could see the other islands, and I said to myself, "Perhaps I can get there with a boat. Perhaps I can get back to England one day."   So I decided to make myself a boat. I cut down a big tree, and then began to make a long hole in it. It was hard work, but about six months later, I had a very fine canoe.
Question: The purpose of making a canoe on the island was to _____________.
48) Next, I had to get it down to the sea. How silly I was! Why didn't I think before I began work? Of course, the canoe was too heavy. I couldn't move it! I pulled and pushed and tried everything, but it didn't move. I was very unhappy for a long time after that. That happened in my fourth year on the island. In my sixth year I did make myself a smaller canoe, but I did not try to escape in it. The boat was too small for a long journey, and I did not want to die at sea.

Question: Why didn't the writer use his first canoe?
49) The island was my home now, not my prison, and I was just happy to be alive. A year or two later, I made myself a second canoe on the other side of the island. I also built myself a second house there, and so I had two homes.   My life was still busy from mo rning to night. There were always things to do or to make. I learnt to make new clothes for myself from the skins of dead animals. They looked very strange, it is true, but they kept me dry in the rain.   I kept food and tools at both my houses, and also wild goats. There were many goats on the island, and I made fields with high fences to keep them in. They learnt to take food from me, and soon I had goats' milk to drink every day. I also worked hard in my corn fields. And so many years went by.
Question: From the story, we can learn that _____________.

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